You have questions and we have answers…

How long does setup take?

Our convenient online payroll enrollment takes about 10 to 15 minutes to complete. Once you’ve returned all the necessary paperwork, you can process payroll within five business days and pay employees within seven business days.

How do I know my taxes are paid on time and correctly?

We guarantee it. If you receive any notices from the IRS or other taxing agency, we’ll work with them on your behalf. If we make an error after you have entered payroll information correctly and communicated any SUI rate changes, we will pay all fines.

Do you have direct deposit?

Yes, direct deposit is free with Payroll Source Group, Inc. For your convenience, Payroll Source Group, Inc. also offers Global Cash Cards at no charge to you or your employees.

When are tax monies deducted from my account?

All funds for a current payroll, including tax monies, are deducted one day prior to the check date.

Can I print my own checks?

Yes, you can print your own checks at your convenience. Payroll Source Group, Inc. will provide you with check stock at no cost.

How much time do I have to approve payroll before my employees are paid?

You just need to approve payroll by 2 p.m. two business days before your employees are paid.