As 2016 is quickly coming to a close, the payroll department is hustling to gear up to process the final payrolls of 2016 and the W-2s for 2016.  This year will be extremely stressful because unlike the previous years, the employer must submit the W-2 copies by 1/31/22017 to the SSA. The January 31st deadline has always been to have the W-2s postmarked and mailed to the employee by this date. However, the IRS has been pushing for many years for employers to provide copies sooner to cut down on the millions of dollars in fraud the IRS has been experiencing. Let’s not forget about the 1094 & 1095 forms that need to be issued and mailed. It can be overwhelming to have everything processed and delivered on time. For a small business owner, how do you keep everything organized? Where do you start? Do you have the time to deal with all the paperwork involved, especially during the holidays?

Payroll Source Group has all the tools and highly experienced staff to take care of all of your year end filings.

  • Worried about having to issue W-2s by 1/31/17? No need to worry with us! We will take care of the filing and you can enjoy the holiday season with a sound peace of mind that everything has been taken care of!
  • Worried and stressed out about ACA and being compliant? No need to worry with us! We have an Affordable Care Act Solution that will accurately track all of your employees and provide all the IRS required forms at year end. We will even take care of the mailing for you!
  • Worried about the new labor laws and FUTA credits? No need to worry with us! Our certified payroll processors are up to date on all labor and payroll laws. We will notify you of any changes and make suggestions on how to be compliant.

Why worry and stress over the holiday season? Enjoy the time with your family and those fun holiday parties! Let Payroll Source Group take care of all that pesky paperwork and start 2017 with a bang!


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