Human resources concept with manager in office touching white board computer interface about skills, training and performance

Payroll Source Group HR services meet your needs with simple, scalable, and powerful options. As one of America’s leading providers of outsourced HR Services, we are proud to offer unique HR packages and benefits to our clients.


  • We pay attention to the needs of our clients.
  • Our HR professionals are highly trained so they understand your needs and can offer the best level of service to provide for those needs at whatever level you are in business.
  • Our HR service is backed by intuitive technology that can help you and your employees do your jobs more efficiently and effectively.

 Below are some of our exceptional HR services:


E-Verify & New Hire Reporting

Our E-verification program has a dynamic database that keeps you constantly in the know regarding your employees’ legal status and authorization to work. All you have to do is fill in the necessary paperwork and get full access to the program.
The New Hire Reporting service saves you the stress of the back-and-forth involved in the reporting process. We create reports for all new hires and send them to the State and Federal authorities on your behalf, leaving you with more time to focus on running your organization.

 Employee Handbooks

We will customize an employee handbook for you which will be updated annually. Our team will also help in developing a customized job description for your employees. This will help even your prospective employees to understand the company’s vision as well as their job description before being hired.

Background Checks

Our Pre-employment screening and background check solutions screen employees’ background, crime and drug history. We will ensure that you hire the right person – always!

Garnishments & Unemployment

We make it easy for you to respond to unemployment insurance claims. Let us attend the unemployment hearings on your behalf and handle everything for you in the most convenient way. Our team of experts will process and respond to the garnishment promptly and accurately.