No doubt 2016 has seen the biggest voting turnout in history. With the amount of mass media coverage and social media coverage, it was difficult not to get whirled into discussions, even debates, with others around us. While the election is over; the office debating may be at an all-time high.  Some people will be very happy about the Presidential win and some people will be downright upset about what has just transpired.  With all the drama in the office today, someone is bound to get hurt.  No doubt the Human Resources office will be highly visited place today.

What can managers do to keep the peace in the office? Remind your employees to be respectful and be civil with one another. Follow the guidelines below to ensure a neutral environment.

  1. Promote respect. Remind any employees discussing any part of the discussion to be open minded and respectful of other’s opinions.
  2. Common ground. Encourage employees to discuss facts they can agree upon, which will help keep the conversation respectful between parties.
  3. Facts only. Remind your employees to stick only to the facts. Exaggerating facts are a sure way of starting an argument.
  4. Step in if needed. While you may not want to hinder your employees from expressing their opinions, political talk has gotten so out of hand that it is hindering productivity and overall morale. Step in and change the topic to something more neutral or put an end to the discussion altogether.

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