The Form I-9 is undoubtedly simplistic and yet it is the top new hire form that is improperly filled out by both employees and employers.  The Form I-9 is required to be filled out by every new hire; whether or not the new hire is a US citizen.  We see this issue on a daily basis from a majority of our clients. We have come up with a list of the top mistakes on the Form I-9 and how to avoid these common mistakes.

Top 5 Mistakes On Form I-9

  1. Employee does not enter name, address or date of birth on the I-9 Form.
  2. Employee does not sign or date the attestation or uses date of birth as date of attestation.
  3. Employer does not enter LIST A document or LIST B and LIST C document.
  4. Employer does not enter business title, name of business, and/or address.
  5. Employer does not certify I-9 form by the third business day after the date the employee began employment.

Tips for Completing I-9 Forms.

  1. Review the I-9 form after the employee has completed his/her section.
  2. Copies of documentation retained should be legible.
  3. If you find a mistake on the I-9do not use white out; instead, cross out the information, initial and date the mistake. Also, make sure to write the correct information.
  4. Make sure the current version of the Form I-9 is being used.
  5. All applicable sections of the Form I-9 are filled out.

Detail explanation of how to properly fill out an I-9 form can be found here.

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